Dinkytown Wine and Spirits Has a New Website

After 20+ years of being in business, Dinkytown Wine and Spirits has decided to provide our customers with a website for them to source for local events, specials, in store tastings, updates on what’s new and detailed lists of what we carry in our store.

Things to be sure to checkout

The events calendar!  Our calendar will inform you of all the major events going on at the U of M and of course about the events that will be held here in the liquor store.  The majority of our tastings take place on Thursday, Friday and Saturday in the evening. If you have an event to suggest for our calendar please feel free to do so by submitting the information on our Contact Us page.  The contact us page is also a great place for you to let us know how we are doing, ask questions and give us feedback.

Also, to make planning what is going to be your drink of choice the next time you visit us, we have provided you with organized detailed lists of all the items we carry in our store.  Just click the tab of alcohol you would like to sift through and the list will pop down.  You will see that we have noted gluten free options with the ++ symbol.  To shrink the list back up just re-click the tab.

Other things to do

Be sure to connect with us on Facebook and subscribe to blog so you will always stay informed!  Each icon is located at the bottom of the website in footer area.  In this section you will also find our hours, address and phone number.

Thank You For Your Business

We appreciate each and every customer we serve.  Thank you for taking the time to visit the new Dinkytown Wine and Spirits website and for your business!  We hope to see you soon.